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Kevin Schwandt, PhD is a writing coach, editor, and professor. He writes about writing, culture, and expression. Calamus Writing and Editing, LLC, Kevin’s freelance consultancy, assists writers of all kinds, with a particular focus on serving scholars in need of coaching and editing for dissertations, journal articles, and books.

Calamus Words is Kevin’s blog, covering ideas and issues in writing, as well as Kevin’s own creative work. In Stories from Falson, a separate section of Calamus Words, Kevin publishes one of his current fiction projects as it develops, showing the development and process. It uses brainstorming and idea generation systems Kevin uses in classes.

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Kevin aims to post weekly, including content about the writing process and education as well as his own fiction and other musings. Posts are generally free, moving behind a subscription paywall after a month. Subscribers will also have access to Kevin’s notes and brainstorms, as well as periodic materials from Calamus Academy, Kevin’s series of online writing courses.

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